The trees have eyes too, 2020

A mask, poem, performance, photography and video, exploring the transformative power of masks – how they allow the wearer to access a different world, beyond the immediate and rational present.

They let us shake-off status and expectation, so we can create new possibilities. We enter into a new dialogue with ourselves and the world around us.

This mask, made during the pandemic, is about my relationship with the unknown and my sense of oneness with the organic world.

Mask, 2020, (Bark, wire, wool, gouache)
The trees have eyes too, they live and breathe. They are not other, they are us and we are them
They stand and breathe, and watch and wait. We think we know, how our world grows.
We meet in darkness and noble shadows. Earth turns away, for us to think.
How to dance, with this unknown? To bathe in inky depths, and love and grow.
Of flesh and blood, we meet with fire. Burning red, newborn, under ancient skies.
I daube the marks, around the eyes. A blessing or prayer, to be again.
To see, to breathe, to dance and lose, myself, amongst the multitudes.