A Matter of Play, 2022

In a pixel-thin world, I believe in the inconvenience of physical matter.

As philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty wrote “I am conscious of the world by means of my body”. A physical interaction between body and material.

I choose to enter into a dialogue with my materials through play. Touch, feel, push, poke, drag, drop, hang, stretch, squash. The actions of a scientist? an artist? a child?

Drawing on theories of phenomenology and play, I explore the potential of materials to inhabit new forms and possibilities.

I work with my body to develop free-form wire armatures that support tactile papier-mâché forms, made using a traditional flour and water methodology. I bring colour to my work through incorporating the residues of performative actions in paint.

Outside of the gallery I encourage a continued dialogue of play, offering my pieces for interaction in public environments such as on public transport, at the supermarket and working with community groups.

I enjoy the idea of interrupting environments – introducing something slightly absurd, and incomprehensible. The encounter of the strangely organic with our packaged lives and inorganic surfaces.

Commuting with my pieces during their various stages of completion has been vital to my understanding of my work. In particular, how it can activated by different surfaces and come alive outside of the gallery.

Gallery installation: ‘THERE, YET’ at Downstairs Gallery, Brixton. Materials: newspaper, flour, salt, wire, cotton muslin, acrylic paint, chair. Dimensions: 180cm x 150cm x 90cm.