The Body Room

The Body Room is a private space for you to consider your own body and express yourself artistically for an hour. Women only. Clothing Optional. Paper on the wall and floor, a table full of art supplies. Feel free.

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How does it work?

Our guests make an appointment to spend one hour alone in The Body Room. The room is set up with a large expanse of blank paper on the wall and floor, and a table of art supplies. Guests are provided with a thorough explanation of the project and what to expect before their appointment, and are assured of their safety and privacy during their time in The Body Room.

Why is The Body Room for women only?

We are both concerned with the social and political climate that women face today. We feel there are many expectations that are made about the female body. We want to provide a space that is an antidote to that.

What happens to the artwork created in The Body Room?

After their hour, we invite our guests to take photographs of what for them documents their time in The Body Room. We also offer our guests the opportunity to donate a portion of their work to The Body Room, keep their work or have their work confidentially disposed of.

All photos and work donated to The Body Room are done so anonymously and our guests sign a release form, assuring them of their privacy and giving The Body Room the rights to use these images.

The Body Room is bilingual, offered both in fluent English and Spanish.

What would you do in The Body Room?

We have hosted guests in Valencia, Spain and in London, UK.

project by

Shapiro & Brown

We provide a range of art materials, including paint that is safe to use on your skin.

We are actively seeking new locations worldwide for the project in 2021/22. Available in English & Spanish. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate

bodyroomproject (at) gmail (.) com

This project is by Shapiro & Brown

Emma Shapiro

Emma is an American artist and feminist activist who lives in Valencia, Spain. She studied art at Rhode Island School of Design. She is a professional life model and teacher of figure drawing. She makes art with her body and runs Exposure Therapy, an art project which challenges censorship of the female body and has now reached over 20 countries via the medium of stickers.

Katherine Brown

Katherine is a British artist and writer who also lives in Valencia, Spain. She studied Economics and Politics at the University of Warwick. Worked for many years in London, first as a Strategy Consultant, then in retail and ecommerce.   She is a self-taught artist with a developing studio practice. She writes extensively on creativity, contemporary art and female experience.