Hidden and Illustrated.

So my nice walk into town concluded with an impromptu visit to a gem of an exhibition about female illustrators: Ocultas e Ilustradas. The title of the exhibitions translates roughly as ‘Hidden and Illustrated’. It tells the story of women in the Valencian printing industry.

In medieval times, women, to my surprise, did work in the printing industry, but unsurprisingly were rarely credited. Continue reading “Hidden and Illustrated.”

Public Modesty.

Pudique Publique, or Public Modesty was an exhibition by Annette Messager at the Valencian Institute of Modern Art, IVAM.  I hadn’t heard of her before, but it turns out she makes some pretty fascinating installations.

A few notes I scribbled at the gallery below …

> Forbidden

Interesting to think about what’s forbidden now, and what was forbidden in the past and how things change. Continue reading “Public Modesty.”

The value of splodging about

One of my favourite words is splodge. I think splodging about is a highly under-rated activity. I’ve been doing lots of trying to focus on drawing in a ‘realistic’ manner lately – trying to master drawing well. (I sense this is going to be a lifelong pursuit! ) … But there comes a time when one has to splodge about, or at least I do!

I recently collected various cardboard boxes from the street and thought I’d paint them white to create some bigger surfaces to work on. Continue reading “The value of splodging about”

New lines

In my first couple of weeks in the studio, I’ve tried to go back to first principles and just focus on drawing. I have been reacquainting myself with properly looking at things – observing, seeing space and shape and form.  To help with this, I’ve been following the exercises in Betty Edwards’ book, ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’,  a well known book in art education.

The leftside of our brain tends to be dominant, responsible for language, analysis, numbers and logic. Continue reading “New lines”

The blank page.

The blank page is well known for evoking feelings of fear as well as possibility. I’ve recently moved to a new city, with the aim of dedicating more of my time to making art, as a result I’ve experienced a lot of blank pages and spaces in the last two weeks!  I thought I’d share a little of that experience.

‘Blanks’ I’ve recently encountered include this blog, various sketchbooks (for me there’s something significant about the first drawing in a new place) and a new studio space.  Continue reading “The blank page.”

Making an undistractor!

Like many people, I have a smartphone, which can be very useful. However there are also times when I think they are incredibly distracting and invade our attention and colonise our time. There are some quite scary studies which show simply the presence of your smartphone (even switched off), can reduce your cognitive ability!

With this in mind I set about making what I shall christen the ‘undistractor’! Continue reading “Making an undistractor!”