Autumn 2018 – Life Studies

I have been thinking about how and what to share from the life drawing I’ve been doing over the last few months. I could select a handful of my most successful drawings,  which would perhaps be more flattering to my ego and shelter my nascent artist a little more. But for reasons I can’t exactly fathom, I feel compelled to share my life drawing progress in all it’s stumbling glory.

So here goes, in date order, with  a little commentary along the way. Continue reading “Autumn 2018 – Life Studies”

Printing suspense

A couple of weeks ago I started a course in printing at the lovely La Seis Cuatro studio. I’ve been drawing a lot over the past few weeks and it has been amazing to move my drawings into another medium. It has also been an exercise in suspense, as it turns out it takes a long time to make just one print!

We’re working in drypoint printing and after the first class I had an etching of one of my recent still life drawings … Continue reading “Printing suspense”

New lines

In my first couple of weeks in the studio, I’ve tried to go back to first principles and just focus on drawing. I have been reacquainting myself with properly looking at things – observing, seeing space and shape and form.  To help with this, I’ve been following the exercises in Betty Edwards’ book, ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’,  a well known book in art education.

The leftside of our brain tends to be dominant, responsible for language, analysis, numbers and logic. Continue reading “New lines”

Making an undistractor!

Like many people, I have a smartphone, which can be very useful. However there are also times when I think they are incredibly distracting and invade our attention and colonise our time. There are some quite scary studies which show simply the presence of your smartphone (even switched off), can reduce your cognitive ability!

With this in mind I set about making what I shall christen the ‘undistractor’! Continue reading “Making an undistractor!”