Adventures in Aguafuerte

‘Aguafuerte’ in Spanish, ‘Eau-forte’ in French – both feel punchy, literally translating as something like ‘strong water’. The English translation however is ‘etching’. Somewhat less dramatic, conjuring up, for me at least, images of Victorian men labouring in poor light over dingy reproductions.

It is however nothing of the sort and is my new favourite printing technique – entirely living up to its dramatic Spanish name. So here goes step by step … Continue reading “Adventures in Aguafuerte”

Through the Venetian Window

My second print series, again using the drypoint technique, but this time working with two plates! You can see below my original drawing (top right) and the two plates I prepared for this print.

Top Left = print; Right = drawing. Bottom Left = Zinc plate. Right = PVC plate.

I liked the result, but in some ways it felt quite meek and the wall textures not entirely satisfactory. So I decided to work into the plates a bit more Continue reading “Through the Venetian Window”