Rodin – Drawing & Cut-outs

Like most people, I know Rodin as a sculptor and clearly a master of the human form. Unsurprisingly he did a lot of drawing from life. I was thrilled to see this show, particularly given how much life drawing I’ve been doing recently!

The most amazing thing about the show was the revelation that Rodin was utterly obsessed with making his figures stand out, even when working in 2D. Continue reading “Rodin – Drawing & Cut-outs”

How Patrick Heron blew my mind

Until recently, the only thing I knew about Patrick Heron was a painting of his I’d seen as a teenager. It was a school trip to the Tate Modern and we each had to pick a work to draw from. I chose this strange stringy portrait of a man, colourful, but muted and smudgy. Not literal, but not abstract, not particularly big or small. I don’t remember being blown away by it, but I liked it. It was pleasing, interesting to look at. And 20-odd years later, I still have vague recollections of it.

So I took myself and my vague recollections of a single painting along to a full show of Patrick Heron’s work. And this was the first thing I saw: Continue reading “How Patrick Heron blew my mind”