Delayed Art Commentary: Lizzy Rose – Things I have learned the hard way.

Back in April of 2023 I visited a heart-wrenching show ‘Things I have learned the hard way‘ celebrating the work and life of artist Lizzy Rose (1988-2022). In the spirit of all my ‘Delayed Art Commentary’, this is a show that lodged somewhere deep within me, that I’ve carried around & digested slowly over the last few months. Here is a delayed and meandering recollection of a beautiful and important show, scattered across 4 locations in Margate, Kent.

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‘They/Them/Their: Naturally Not Binary’ at IMT Gallery

Tonight was the first art show I’ve been to in London which felt real. Real work – people trying to work something out, grappling with their materials to try and understand something, to get somewhere. Engaging with the work of trying to deconstruct some of the deeply embedded ideological fault lines in our society. Power structures that so often go unquestioned. But slowly, slowly, a critical mass of critical practitioners is blossoming.

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‘The Natural World’ by Oliver Hoare

A beautiful ammonite spiral, the arc of a giant seedpod, a softly lit room with spotlights highlighting all manner of incredible artefacts. Each item beguiling, glistening in the light and laced with all manner of geographic and historic provenance for the visitor’s delight. So many small marvels, yet why did this rendering of “The Natural World” by Oliver Hoare leave me feeling so queasy?

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