Full Disclosure – inside a Foundation Year

This year I had my first experience of academic art education, undertaking a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at The City Literary Institute, London. Though I’ve written at length my reflections on the course, I thought I would also go full disclosure and share the work I was assessed on during this course and the grades and feedback I received.

I’m sharing this because for a long time I was trying to work out what was involved in a Foundation year from the outside-in. I’ve included the grading, not because I really think grades matter at all, but because it gives some insight into the structure and emphasis of the course, accredited as it is by UAL, University of the Arts London.

In the first term we explored working in a range of different disciplines including – ceramics, print, textiles, sculpture, fine art, visual communication and film. We were asked to develop work around the themes of ‘utopia’ and ‘dystopia’ and make a presentation of this at the end of the first term.

At the end of this term, I chose to focus on Fine Art and Sculpture. In term 2, our brief was to develop a public work of art across these two disciplines.

The final part of the course is a self-directed project and realisation of work, to be presented at an end of year exhibition.