People I want to draw

I’ve been keeping a short mental list for a while, of people I’d like to be able to draw. Hopefully from life, so I can also meet them and listen to their story.

Thinking of these people is one of my big motivating factors for improving my drawing skills. Anyway I’m going to start to keep a list of these people on my blog, so here’s the first few.

Chagossian ISLanders

I’d like to draw some of the Chagossian Islander community who live in the UK. They have been treated in the most apalling and shameful manner by the British state.


Another person the British state is trying to wash its hands of.

Street Vendors at MalvaRRosa Beach

They sell sunglasses and sarongs. Along the beach front in Valencia.

Gina Martin

She campaigned to make ‘upskirting’ a criminal offence in the UK.