Flash Figures: Celebrating the Figure on Paper

‘Flash Figures: Celebrating the Figure on Paper’ brings together a diverse body of artists from the Valencia art scene, who all respond to the theme of the human figure in unique, beautiful and thought-provoking ways.

Curated by Shapiro & Brown and on show from Feb 20th to 3rd March 2020, kindly hosted at the RW Project in Ruzafa, Valencia.

The 27 wonderful artists participating are as follows:

Adela Trifan@adelacreative
Adrian Squirrell@adriansquirrellphotography
Amparo Cerveró @amparocervero
Anna Mironova@Anna.mironova.spb
Bart Kok@Bart74kok
Bay Backner@baybackner
Celia Kettle@celiakettle
Coco Du Rong@mutumurong2.0
Emma Shapiro@exshaps
Enrique Pitarch @enrique_pitarch
Erin Hooker@hookneyedesign
Fernando Calzadilla@fernando.calzadilla
Gary J. Kirkpatrick@gary_kirkpatrick
K.L. Brown@awayfromthegrain
Lauren Moffatt@lauren.m.moffatt
Madame Nude@/madame_nude
Rafa Ruiz@ralladasderafa
Rose Lane
Rudolf Leuthold
Sandi Goodwin@sandiabstract
Sara Arthur-Paratley@artbyartgurl
Shalina Truelove@shalinatruelove
Silvia Marecos@smm_ilus
Tanya Heidrich@stillonoir
Tina Mccallan@mariejuloutinamccallan

And a walk around the show looks like this …