361 Days : Arte y Vida en Valencia

It’s nearing the end of 2019 and I’ve been reflecting a little on my significant moments of the year, one of which was definitely my first art show. Yes,  my first one ever. It took place during October in 2019, in a little café-bar in Valencia, Spain. I called the show 361 Days: Art and Life in Valencia.

These works were made during my first year living in Valencia and my first year working as an artist. For me, they are a celebration of life and colour and change.

Without further ado, the photo story of my first show ….

001 Preparation

It was my first time exhibiting my work in public and I knew I had an 11m wall to fill. Initially I had little instinctive feel for how my works would relate to the space, so my solution was a scale drawing! Yes with miniture versions of my work too. It gave me a way to work out the flow of my show … how it would work with lightinng, the view from the bar, from the door, when leaving etc.

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I made labels, and even a stock list! As eventually I reached the conclusion that I should brave putting up some prices and seeing if anything might sell.


002 The Hanging
For a few days before the evening of hanging my work I was having kittens about this! Looking back now, it feels bonkers how queasy, nervous and anxious I felt. But I really did feel physically sick and nauseous. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a nail in the wall. That there wouldn’t be things attached to the wall for the opening night, which quite frankly is the minimum requirement of an art show.


Luckily I had friends who helped ferry all my work to the café and an artist friend well versed in hanging who helped me translate my paper plan into reality.



It was a hot and sticky October evening in Valencia. And it turns out hanging an entire show, especially one with lots of juxtaposed groups of work is hard work. I made good friends with my tape measure and the spirit-level app on my friend’s phone! Eventually I finished a bit before midnight.


It was however immensely satisfying to see my work up in public. My scale plan worked perfectly. And framing everything in black really helped the work stand out in a busy environment.


003 The Show
Before everybody arrived, a quiet ponder of the pieces in my show …

I was so thrilled to welcome so many friends to my opening night. To share my work and for it to have a life outside of my studio and beyond just my eyes …

004 The Show – in Photos