I see the sea.

I spent some time on the North coast of Spain in the summer of 2018. It is an impossibly beautiful place, peaceful with a magical, mystical feel in the air. I made my way along the coast by the tiny, old, incredibly slow train which hugs its way along the coast from Bilbao all the way to the Atlantic.

I made it as far as Llanes, a tiny fishing village, in the Asturias region. I stayed here for a few peaceful days, swimming in the sea, trying the local ciders & cheese, hearing the cow bells and church bells ringing.

My phone decided it also wanted a break, and slightly gave up the ghost. So I bought a disposable camera – very tricky to find these days – it was close to expiring! But I had 24 shots to play with, and no ability to see what you’ve taken a picture of!! Well I love that roll of film, there are some lovely, weird, peculiar and slightly fuzzy photos. Some of these have been on my studio wall here in Valencia for a while.

And you can see which one of these inspired me recently …

I really enjoyed building up the layers of paint … particularly in the sea.


And recently I had the opportunity to take some super close-up photos with a friend’s cool macro lense. So nice to able to share some close-up brushstrokes …