‘From North to South, Rhythms’ – Anna-Eva Bergman

Anna-Eva Bergman (1909 – 1989) was a Norwegian artist who lived most of her life in France. This show focused on her mega abstract canvases inspired by her travels in Norway, France and Spain. Largely made in the 1960’s and 70’s, she works at large scale, with bold colour and often using metal foils.

On display at Bombas Gens, Valencia 2019.

A really enjoyable exhibition all round, with a few particularly fascinating pieces …

001 Stone Castles

From a distance these appeared to be simple monochrome forms, painted with Chinese ink.

But on closer inspection and longer contemplation, something special is happening where the edges touch. The warm cream background plays with almost blue tones within the rockforms.

002  A Sky Line?

I loved finding this piece, the only one like it amongst the show. It feels so similar to some of the playing round with simple line sketches and sky forms I’ve been doing recently.


003 Horizons

Several works showing layers of depth under the blacks. Flecks along the skyline. Proportions of sky to earth. Curvature. Starkly abstract, yet universally identifiable as horizons. Interesting. Photos to follow


What: From North to South, Ryhthms – Anna-Eva Bergman.

Where: Bombas Gens, Av. de Burjassot, 54-56, 46009 València

When: Until 5th May 2019

There isn’t a lot of information about Anna-Eva Bergman, but the best description of her career seems to be on the Norwegian National Museum website.