Work rate. 4mm per week.

It might sound strange, but right now I’m really focused on volume. I just want to spend time drawing and painting, putting in the hours and seeing where it takes me.

The A4 sketchbook I brought with to me to Valencia was about a third full. And I’m really thrilled that in just 5 weeks of working here, I have reached the last page.

My inner geek couldn’t help measuring this.

The blue pages, 5 mm, one-sided, is my work from October 2017 to June 2018.

The red pages, 8mm, double-sided are my work in the last 5 weeks, plus another A3 skecthbook I’ve made quite a dent in, another 5mm, one-sided.

So in total in the last 5 weeks, c. 21mm of work, or 4mm per week compared to 5 mm over 9 months, or 0.15mm per week. So my weekly work rate has gone up by a multiple of 26! Over 2000%!

I’m super happy with this, and feel that eventually with quantity, quality will come too.