Making an undistractor!

Like many people, I have a smartphone, which can be very useful. However there are also times when I think they are incredibly distracting and invade our attention and colonise our time. There are some quite scary studies which show simply the presence of your smartphone (even switched off), can reduce your cognitive ability!

With this in mind I set about making what I shall christen the ‘undistractor’! The undistractor is a lovely, tactile, organic shell, painted with something meaningful to you. Its function? Simply to obscure the distraction of your smartphone.

I’ve been amazed at how well the undistractor works! I painted my undistractors with some scenes from a recent trip to the lovely Greek island of Paxos. The undistractor not only hides the ugly, visually distracting smartphone, but replaces it, for me, with a strong personal image, that I associate with a place of calm. Double the power!

If you feel inspired to make your own undistractor, papier maché is incredibly easy to make – just mix 1 part flour with 1 part water, and dunk in some newspaper strips.